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Well in my blog post last week, it kinda went in a different direction to what I first intended it to go.  However the message was on point.

In my quest to redecorate my home, I wanted to repurpose things I didn't have a need for any longer or make new things relatively inexpensively.  Things I couldn't find in Australia or things I could make myself.  I found joy in making things from scratch and learning new skills. 

(re-purposed coffee jars make cute vases)

Now Adam my hubby is AMAZING, but he like me is extremely busy.  He owns and operates his own business in Dalby as a Refrigeration Mechanic (yep, my air-con is ALWAYS on freezing).  So come the weekends where I want to be creative (as my downtime), Adam wants to play golf, go fishing or just veg out after his physically exhausting week. 

So all the projects that I want to do (like use power tools for), I was on my own (usually I would get a quick lesson first). If I didn't do them on my own, I wouldn't get anything done.  Now this is not a jab at my wonderful supportive husband as he does help me SO much - this is 'We can do anything - even if you are a girl' moment.  I use a drop saw, jigsaw, circ saw, sander, nail gun, staple gun and I even got a scroll saw for Christmas. 

Looking around my house, there is so many things I have made or given new life.  From sewing cushion covers, re purposing jars, giving books a vintage feel to making signs, planter boxes and my new exciting scroll saw project.  I have painted, stapled, glued, cut, nailed my way through the house and I'm not finished yet.  Seriously if I can do it, anyone can. 

If I didn't take that leap and have the courage in myself I wouldn't have created so many things that bring me so much joy.

So this weekend, pick up a drill, hammer, paint brush and DIY your home.  Re-purpose some old glass jars, make a bead garland, make a planter box, re-upholster your chairs, make new cushion covers, give that old drab cabinet a coat of paint. And make sure you send me a pic of what you do. 

Until then

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