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I've been a little quiet of late with my blog posts, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been creating.  I have had quite a few signs to make for orders (thank you it means so much to me) and they take preference over my home projects. 

This weekend just gone, I had a very busy weekend and I got a lot of things finished.  I FINALLY painted my Lover's (bed) bench - which I am very much in love with. I finished up 4 signs and I made a clock!!

Sometimes I make boo boos while creating signs - sometimes the paint bleeds under the stencil, which is what happened with this 50cm round that I made the clock out of.  I just couldn't let it go out without clean crisp edges.  So I flipped it over, stained the other side and decided to make a clock.  (If you know me you know I LOVE CLOCKS).

I thought I would give it a rustic plank look with pastel colours and distressing. So I taped the entire round with masking tape, starting from the middle and working my way out. 

Next, I chose my paint.  I decided on 4 colours, pink, white, blue and green.  You can find the paint here.  I then removed every 4th piece of tape and painted one colour in the gap. Once that colour was dry, I replaced the tape and removed the next piece and continued that way until the whole round was painted.  I then gave it a sand and a distress and sealed the round before I added the numbers. Ella saw it after it was painted and asked (well claimed it for her own) if she could have it in her room.


I then drilled a hole the whole way through the board and made sure my clock mechanism would fit. 

Next I cut my stencil using Jiminy Cricut - this thing is AWESOME and use it all the time to make signs. I positioned the numbers and the words on the clock (as Ella decided to make it hers, it had to be Harry Potter inspired) and then used black paint on a sponge to paint the clock. 


Once the paint was dry I removed the stencil vinyl, attached some spacers at the back with my brad nailer and put the clock mechanism together and Ella's clock was done.

Now, remember how I told you that I LOVE clocks?  This is now the ONLY working clock in the house. 😂 🤣  I have a BIG square clock in the lounge room, a grandfather clock and a clock in the kitchen all of which have stopped keeping time.  I have changed the batteries in the kitchen clock and lounge room clock but they are still not keeping time.  The Grandfather clock is more of a decorative piece which I will eventually decide what I want to do with it. 

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