My Husband bought me a Drop Saw

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When I had my brain wave to create my Family Name sign, one problem I had was how was I going to cut the timber. 

I am so incredibly lucky that my husband goes with my crazy 99% of the time.  He loves that I will give anything a go, and he encourages it.  If you ask Adam, he will tell you that I CAN'T sit still and my mind is going a million miles an hour and I'm always thinking of new projects. 

My Awesome Husband and me

The Family Name Sign was no exception. We went on a shopping excursion to Bunnings to get the materials to make ONE sign and I spent an hour choosing the right shade of white (this was before I started using chalk paint) and then almost as long figuring out what stain and sealer I was going to use.  We then went for a wander down to the timber section, and lo and behold Jaclyn had another brain wave.  I'll make one for Christmas gifts for my sisters!!  I did forget to mention this was Christmas Eve. 

Adam then gently asked how I planned on cutting the timber. 

To which I replied "your drop saw". 

Unbeknownst to me, his drop saw was stuffed/knackered/kaput. My heart sank. I started to put all the materials back, the paint that had taken me an hour to choose - literally.

Adam stopped me and said that he'll just buy a new one.  😍  I mean, come on how incredibly awesome is my hubby!! 

So armed with all my supplies, we now set off to find a drop saw.  We couldn't find one in Bunnings, so off to Mitre 10 he went.  And he bought home a brand spanking new Makita Drop/Slide saw. 

I was so flipping excited when he bought it home and this is where Signed Jaclyn begins.

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