My Rustic Flower Planter Boxes

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One of the first projects I made with my new drop saw was 3 very rustic flower planter boxes, 1 for our dining table and 2 for outside. 

The one for inside was made from aged timber that Adam had behind the shed for ages.

It is that lovely weathered grey colour with splits in the timber - really rustic.  Much to Adam's disgust, I just had to use it.  It wasn't straight, it had knicks, bumps, splits (aka character). 

I decided how long I wanted it, and then set about making it.  I cut all the timber to length, 2 long sides, 2 short ends and a base.  I then used wood glue and Adam's (now mine) brad nailing gun to put it together.  I was in LOVE. 😍

The flower planter boxes I made slightly differently.  Adam had been given a lure display case that was made from merbau decking that he didn't want.  So I pulled it apart.  For each box I made 2 frames big enough to fit the plastic flower pot inside.  I then nailed one piece of timber length ways at the bottom for the base and then used small offcuts of timber (or 'woods') to attach the bottom frame to the top.  I then gave them both a white wash with some left over chalk paint and Voila they were done.

I added the plastic planter pot and filled them with chrysanthemums at the bottom of the steps outside to add a pop of cheery colour. 

While neither of the them are perfect, but I made them.  I made them with limited skills and they are perfect to me in all their rustic glory.


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