The most effective way to do it, is to do it.

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Read that quote again, and again and again if you need to.  The most effective way to do it, is to do it.  How awesome is that quote!!  I LOVE it. 

In life we put limitations on ourselves TOO much.  One of the biggest limitations I've put on myself is the words 'I can't do that'.  I can't do that, I'm a girl.  I can't do that, look at me (my appearance).  I can't do that, what will people think of me.  

By putting those limitation on ourselves we miss out on trying things, we miss out on finding things that we might enjoy, we miss out on being happy, we miss out on being ourselves. 

As I have mention in a previous blog, I'm the type of gal who will give most things a go.  Adam calls me the master of hobbies, but I would rather try something and not like it than never try it.  Over the 18 years we've been together I have tried the  various hobbies;

  • quilting/sewing - didn't hate it and did it for a while
  • cake decorating - still doing it
  • jewellery making - lasted about 5 mins 🤣
  • cheese making - I prefer cheese eating, but I want to try again
  • canning my own food and sauces - this is a butt tonne of work
  • soap making - this was a little adventure for my daughter and I to do together, we enjoyed it, but it wasn't something that I wanted to keep doing
  • making moisturisers - this is something that I was super interested in as I am a beauty therapist but to do it effectively I felt that I wanted/needed to do a course in it.
  • painting furniture - still doing it
  • Herb growing - that was a disaster, I'm so not a green thumb
  • making paper flowers - never really started 🤣 I bought the crepe paper and books and made 2 flowers with the intention to go back to it.
  • Making signs - still doing it
  • Woodworking - trying to do it.
  • Plus I'm sure more that I can't think of right now

As you can see there is quite a few hobbies there that I've had a crack at.  I will give anything a go.  And once I want to try something new or something takes my fancy I research, buy books, watch youtube, join facebook groups - it consumes me.  Hence why I'm the master of hobbies.  But in doing this, I am learning, not only learning about the hobby, but learning about me.  About what I like, what I don't like, what my strengths and weaknesses are. 

Not only do you learn from hobbies, they are also an interest, a love, something to keep your mind occupied, they bring you friends, they can bring you income, they can allow you to contribute, they give you a purpose.   

So what hobby/new thing are you going to try next?  What are you going to do to light a fire in your soul.

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.

Until next time

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