Canterbury Blue EZ2 Paint

Canterbury Blue™, wants to help you save time and money on both up cycling and re loving old furniture that might have seen better days by making available to you an affordable easy to use furniture paint. Canterbury Blue own brand of paint EZ2 Paint™ “Easy to Paint” is a water based, chalk style paint that sticks to almost anything and is very easy to use. Yes, it is true you can paint it directly onto high varnish, raw wood, laminate, glass, metal, cane and so much more. You are only limited by your imagination. NO PRE SANDING REQUIRED. 

It is important to remember that you do not need to be crafty or artistic to use Canterbury Blue Paint™ If you can hold a brush you can create change and start painting up a storm on your old furniture. Remembering there is no right or wrong and that drip marks, brush strokes and indiscretions are what we call character and they are embraced. Creating imperfection is perfection.

It is an easy and affordable way to refurnish old furniture or other pieces.

It sticks to almost everything! You can use chalk infused paint on wood, glass, metal, laminate, cane, material etc. 

No preparation needed! Just give it a quick wipe with a dry cloth, find a good airy spot and get started.

Easy to use! Only shake the closed tin well, like Canterbury Blue says “like a cocktail”, open it up, stir the paint again, dip your paint brush in it and brush it on your piece.

Mix and match! You can mix different colours together to get your desired colour. 

It lasts for ages! Chalk infused paint is a very sticky paint. 

Little goes a long way. You don’t need much paint. It is very economical!

It’s a quickie! Depending on the weather, chalk infused paint dries very quickly. 

There is no "wrong" when you paint, sand or wax, just unique. Just go for it!  

The smooth finishing after sanding and waxing feels and looks amazing.