Mineral Paint

Vintage Bird Mineral Paint is Australian Made by a boutique manufacturer using premium ground minerals for superior adhesion and high quality finishes. 

Vintage Bird Mineral Paint dries to a silky smooth matte waterproof finish. It is No/Low VOC and Non- Toxic containing no resin or harsh chemicals. It is self levelling, fast drying and cures in 10-14 days meaning no extended cure times! It has outstanding coverage due to high quality pigments used and in most cases, a 500ml bottle will cover 8-10 square metres. With Vintage Bird Mineral Paint containing an acrylic base, this means no need to seal or wax!

With mineral prep, fast drying and cure times added to the ease of its use means quicker completion of your painting project!

Available in 4 sizes and 40 colours, there is sure to be something to suit everyone!