Milk Paint

Vintage Bird's Milk Paint is an Australian Made premium grade milk paint that contains 100% natural ingredients. This range is made from elements that pre-date the use of petrochemicals and other toxic chemicals, it is eco friendly, food safe, zero VOC/Non Toxic. Milk Paint has a fresh lime smell when mixed and odour free once dry. It comes in powdered form and is perfect to use to create that rustic farmhouse finish.

Milk Paint dries to a lovely matte finish and is perfect for creating that chippy finish it is famous for! It creates an authentic aged appeal.

A small bag covers approximately 4.5m2 depending on how thick you like your paint. This is basically enough to complete a small dresser or chest of drawers, or two bedside tables.

Milk paint shelf life.
Only mix an amount you are going to use for your project. Unmixed powder has a life long shelf life provided it is sealed in its bag or stored in a airtight container or jar in a cool dry area. Mixed paint only has a shelf life of 24hrs provided it is stored in the fridge.

What's so great about milk paint? In a word, everything!

It's non toxic, zero VOC, food safe, child safe, quick drying, easy to apply, water wash up, septic friendly, has beautiful, rich colours, and the list just goes on.