Erasable Liquid Chalk Set | Iron Orchid Designs

Erasable Liquid Chalk Set | Iron Orchid Designs

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IOD Erasable Liquid Chalk in a 5-pack with COLORS! But not just any colours – the primary colours of red, yellow, and blue plus white and black so you can mix up any colour you like – make your own rainbow.

More than just chalkboards, IOD Erasable Liquid Chalk can be used on any non-porous surface. The possibilities are endless – storefront glass, vintage windows, laminate wood flooring, vinyl, mirrors, and more!

****IMPORTANT NOTE**** This is a new formula for our Erasable Liquid Chalks (ELC) so please DO NOT mix this new product with previously purchased ELC. The original formula works great – just not for mixing.

  • Choose a non-porous surface
  • Prime your surface by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk across the entire surface and then erase with a damp cloth
  • Some surfaces, such as handpainted chalkboards, will have some ghosting when erased as with any chalk pen; This can be completely removed with a Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser  
  • Don’t want to clean with Mr. Clean? The IOD Erasable Liquid Chalk actually has more erasable qualities than chalk pens; If you’d like to avoid ANY ghosting simply coat your handmade chalkboard with a clear polyacrylic sealer or purchase a manufactured non-porous chalkboard
  • If you want to mix erasable liquid chalk colours, pour them on an acrylic sheet, mix and use an IOD brayer to apply them to the stamp surface

**Includes  Set of 5 Erasable Liquid Chalk

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