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Vintage Bird Glaze & Stain is our own brand of clean, premium, artist grade glazing medium. 

This product is not diluted in any way and is 100% acrylic medium that dries to a beautiful, subtle, satin sheen when used as a glaze over existing surfaces.

When our acrylic based Vintage Bird Furniture Paint is address, it becomes a beautiful semi translucent glaze with a more matte finish.

Inf this form it’s perfect for highlighting exisiting painted pieces, or using as a “faux stain” to still be able to see the timber grain underneath, but have the benefits of a self-sealing, acrylic finish. 

Being clear means you can add just about any colour you want to achieve a unique finish. Use it clear as a protective sealant for your painted decor items, and to seal over transfers and decoupage. 

Comes in a 120 ml bottle with a disc top lid for easy pouring and mixing.

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