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New to our Vintage Bird Paint line up of Prep & Finish products is our Gloss Silk Clear Coat.

This lovely top coat is perfect if you want a little more sheen for your painted or stained furniture. It has a subtle gloss level, and the best part is that the finish won't show finger marks! 

Gloss Clear Coat is a premium acrylic based sealer, and cures to provide an extremely tough and durable surface which is chip and moisture resistant. 

Our Gloss Clear Coat can be applied in the following ways:

  • with a good quality, flat, nylon bristled brush like our F40 Cling On brush. Brush in light, long strokes to create a smooth finish. 
  • with a dampened, lint free cloth folded over in to a square to provide a crease fee surface and then wiped over the painted finish in long, gentle wipes.
  • a good quality foam sponge, using the same technique as above for application. 

Only needs 1 or 2 light coats. Multiple, or thickly applied coats may result in a milky appearance, especially over darker colours. Allow to dry thoroughly between coats - applying too thickly, or not allowing to dry properly between coats can result in the surface feeling tacky. 

This is also an excellent medium for sealing decoupage, sealing over stencils and rub on transfers and for image transfer techniques if you prefer a higher sheen level than our Eggshell finish. 

Comes in two handy sizes - 120ml for decor and craft projects, and 500ml for furniture painting. 

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